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Academic Writing Examples

Re/Producing Capitalism 5/11/2016
Redefining Objectivity     5/1/2016
The (un)Ethics of Conscientious Objection in Pharmacies     4/19/2015

Research and Scientific Writing Samples

Queer People of Color: Exploring the Intersections of Social Support in Sexual Orientation, Racial and Ethnic Communities     4/27/2016​
Queer People of Color Paper Results and Process Poster/Slide Presentation     4/2016
Green Lovers’ Blues: Romantic Jealousy’s Effect on Self-Esteem     8/20/2015

Social Influence

Heavy Table: "Up Front with Nicole Weiler and Tim Mulhair" December 2014
Open Field Social: Host at Walker Open FieldBring a friend, make a friend, meet the face behind that twitter handle!  August 2014
Urban Velo Magazine Volume 21: "I Love Riding in the City" featured cyclist. September 2010
Pollen Midwest Newsletter Volume 16: "50 Young Nonprofit Influencers You Should Be Following on Twitter" July 2010 Be careful what you say online, your friends might build a social media movement around it. "Fashion: Dress you up" August 2012
Pioneer Press: "Welcome to the Frock Flock" May 2012
City Pages: Frocktails Flash Mob July 2011
Pioneer Press: "Landing on the best-dressed list is about to get a whole lot easier" May 2011
Star Tribune: "Summer of Dresses is Back"  May 2011 "Group uses Web to promote stylish summer wardrobes" July 2010
Star Tribune: "A change in clothes sparks a movement" June 2010
Pioneer Press: Savvy Shopper "This hot social media idea addresses issue of dapper dressing"  May 2010
myTalk107.1 ShopGirls: Radio Guest  May 2010
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