About Me

A Nonprofit Virtuoso, I am grateful to have worked on a variety of campaigns throughout the Twin Cities. I am known for my enthusiasm and boundless energy to push forward change.


I directed a public Free Store program for the low-wealth community. I co-founded the Twin Cities chapter of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network. I facilitated the Emerging Leaders Brown Bag Lunches for the MN Coalition for Nonprofits and spoke on several panels over the years at their Leadership Conferences. I have advocated with and for women and families who have experienced domestic and sexual violence, and most recently I have been appointed to lead the Hennepin County Sexual Assault Multidisciplinary Action Response Team (SMARTeam).


As a year-round bicycle commuter, I have devoted great time and energy to accessible and safe transportation. As a woman, I have worked on several campaigns championing responsible, trans inclusive reproductive and sexual healthcare. As a Queer person and intersectional feminist, I constantly strive for creating spaces that center LGBTQI and racial equity. I am dedicated to social and institutional change that is complex, just, and accessible.


Ever curious, I researched the intersection of Psychology and Sexuality at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. As a non-traditional student, I graduated with High Distinction, maintaining a cumulative 4.0 GPA while working two jobs. I am proud of having earned several scholarships and membership in 4 national honor societies while discovering my love of//talent for statistical analysis. Somehow I didn't go completely insane. I can really multi-task. 


I have connected many people to one another to promote social change, likely you're one of them if you've landed here. As a Relationship Architect, I appreciate the opportunity to link up with other folks who are performing the critical work to create a more just society.


So let's talk!


I prefer she/her pronouns and I would appreciate if you'd share your pronouns with me so we can address each other respectfully and continue the process of decentering damaging gender binary and heteronormative assumptions.








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