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So, what do you do? 

Well, I work in the nonprofit sector.


Officially, my career has been with organizations providing direct service to low-income and marginalized communities, assisting folks in meeting basic needs, triaging mental health crisis, and finding or maintaining housing in an unstable market. My work is people. Specifically, listening to people. 


This translated to spending a great deal of time helping folks who are traditionally underestimated and unheard navigate systems that are not designed for them. 


That prompted me to build power with them and set out to change those systems. 

So I really still just listen, but I take reflective feedback and create adaptive solutions.


I work to empower, mobilize, and lift folks up so they can join in this work too. I fail often enough, but from a strengths-based perspective, and side by side with others, we act to fix problems.


Believing in right-sizing the power imbalances in our society means I will always attempt to understand and utilize my privilege while working to decenter and dismantle the status quo and continually push for a more equitable and just society.


I am passionate about what I do, and it very often inspires others to roll up their sleeves.  

pink square with a white circle and banner that says "always learning"
Career Manifesto

To use my skills with intellectual curiosity, strategic vision, and authentic enthusiasm to motivate others to act. Continually strive to see, hear, and meet the changing needs of my community on their terms. 

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